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Please pray...
posted by: Minister William and Donette Clemmons on 4/12/2017

On yesterday (4/11/17), our nephew "Joshua Stewart" (Lexington, KY) at the age of 31 years old had a massive heart attack. Right now, it's touch and go. Please keep his wife, daughter 9 years old, and son 1 year old and the rest of the family in your prayers. We know that God is in control of all! We love you MBC Family and Pastor JES and Family!!! Multiplied Blessings, Clem
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Please pray for Poland, Church in North America and our service to the God
posted by: Edmund Krzeminski on 4/9/2017

remove false techers and prophets through Jesus Christ 2 rev izebelOrder of God in true church (eklezia) - usuniecie Spirit of Witchcraft wplywu czarow in true church rthrough Holy Spirit 17 rev wszetecznica tym + tym kosciol Boga podwalina prawdy
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Need God's intervention for my daughters
posted by: Li on 4/6/2017

My daughters, Marie & Nicole are on a destructive path full of rebellion & doing things that put them in harm's way. They were raised in a Christian home & accepted Christ as their Savior when they were younger. But once they reached 18, they began living a lifestyle contrary to what the Bible teaches. I’m a desperate mom wanting my daughters to be free from the lies of the enemy. I know God has plans for them & the enemy wants to destroy them so those plans aren't fulfilled. Pls help me pray for them to be set free to be the women God created them to be. Thank you, Li
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posted by: Mark on 3/28/2017

Please keep in prayer my family. My kid's mom, that has left us many times now is seeking mental counciling, reading a devotional book I got her, starting to separate from evil friends, went to church and wailed through half the service, and is trying to make things write with us. I have five children. One boy and two girls really hate their mom now. My grown girls, especially one, drink and live the ways of the world. Please pray for their salvation and for the Lord to be in the midst of this situation. The Lord laid us a path to get back together. Many will not understand. I am so thankful to see the kid's mom making great strides. Please pray she stays strong. There will be many evil obstacles. Today, Satan is really working on her. Thank you.
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I'm trying to found a job to keep my home for my kids and with my illness it's hard.
posted by: Nidra Williams on 3/27/2017

Just pray for my family and financial situation may it get better.
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posted by: Karen Torres on 3/24/2017

Please pray that I find or am blessed with $100.00 to pay this ticket. I have no income and no family to help me but God is awlays on time!
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Red Light ticket
posted by: Miss Karen Torres on 3/24/2017

Please Pray God will help me with $100.00 to pay my red light ticket!
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Stage 4 Kidney Failure and Congested Heart Failure
posted by: Reverend Hattie Johnson on 3/22/2017

Please intercede for my mother Reverend Hattie Johnson she has been in hospital 7 days now. Doctors have her on diaretics and other meds and her creatin keeps increasing and they want to start dialysis. Pray that fluid will leave her body naturally, no further damages to kidneys and no dialysis needed. Pray she will come out of this victoriously.
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Healing and Finances
posted by: Pat H on 3/14/2017

Please pray and agree with me for me to be healed now. The Dr has said I am in complete total kidney failure.My body is covered with an incurable disease on my skin and some burns. I look like a monster. I also have problems with my gallbladder. With all of this now I can't work, so please pray for an increase in my finances and marriage. Thank you.
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Pray for Me
posted by: Phil Fair on 3/7/2017

Please pray for me this week. I am dealing with a cold. My nose runs consistently, my energy is zapped, and my voice sounds like a boy soprano and a profundo bass choir member at the same time. Pray The Lord will lay His soothing healing hands on me.
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