There’s a lot of stuff we possibly don’t like in our world, environment, and maybe even in our own life.  Change is possible.  New "G" Youth is for 7th thru 12th grade and is all about embracing change.  At Main, we connect teens of various backgrounds and interest to each other and to God. Students are challenged and encouraged with relevant messages to help them face the various changes and challenges in their lives.  We give students someone to know, something to do, and someplace to go.  We provide a place for worship, Bible study and fun!  We seek to grow students who honor God with their lives and to serve others out of a passion for Him.

Connection Points:

  • Sunday Morning Worship: 2nd Sunday is designated as Youth Sunday in the main Sanctuary.
  • Word on Wednesday (WOW) @ 6:30p.m. at Our Main Church Campus
  • For new "G" volunteer opportunities, contact one of the following new "G" Leadership Team members:
    • Sis. DeMiracle Woodson:
    • Sis. Shantha Deavens:
Samantha Wallace, Coordinator